Pancakes at Carillon

Published on Saturday 29th August 2015

Next time you are doing some shopping in Perth or looking for a substantial breakfast, check out Pancakes at Carillon.

Tucked away in the third floor of the Carillon City, Pancakes at Carillon has been around since 1983 and operating from their current location since 1992. While the shop tenants in and around the arcade have changed, Pancakes at Carillon has remained a staple favourite.

Famous for their fluffy buttermilk pancakes, they also have many other foods on offer. Pancakes can be consumed in a rather hearty fashion with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and chipotle sausages, or for those who like it sweet, served with cream, ice cream and with almost any fruit you can image.

On the menu are a delicious array of savoury and sweet crepes, as well as a decent range of burgers, salads and more.

Pancakes at Carillon is an old favourite of Mountway, especially as one of our former member of staff, Jason Poyntz, had previously worked at Pancakes at Carillon in his younger years.

Carillon City is only a 15 minute walk from Mountway Holiday Apartments and is a great location for guests who are visiting Perth and would like to have access to a wide variety of shops and lunchtime options.

Carillon City can be accessed from both Murray and Hay Street entrances and is listed as item 18 on our Mountway Map for guests.

As mentioned previously, our Mountway Map will be updated soon. So if there are any other locations you would like added to the map, please let us know in the comments below.