Mountway's Guest Map has now been updated

Published on Tuesday 23rd July 2013

There have been several changes to the Transperth Cat Buses over the past few months, so we took the opportunity to make an upgraded map showing the recently added GREEN CAT from Mounts Bay Road Bus terminal to Leederville. The bus travels up Mill Street onto the St Georges Terrace past the Barracks Arch up Malcolm Street. That takes passengers only 200 metres from.

The BLUE CAT has also changed quite a lot to accommodate the Elizabeth Quay development site near the Barracks Street Jetty.

The RED CAT And YELLOW CAT buses had some stop numbers changed so we tidied that up as well.

It was also a good opportunity to add some pictures of landmarks so you can easily find your way around town. Plus we added some Icons for the Taxi, Bus and Underground Train, and Train Stations.  Pretty lakes down on Mounts Bay Road have the Black Swan, Ibis and Pelican. Don’t forget to take some bread with you for the birds as there aren’t any signs saying ‘don’t feed the birds’.

So who printed the NEW maps?  Mail Box Etc - they are located behind Coffee Club in LONDON COURT at the St Georges Terrace end.

You can see the new map by visiting the Location & Map page of our site.