Discounted coffee at Infusion Coffee, Perth

Published on Thursday 7th May 2015

Australians are one of the world’s great lovers of coffee. We have embraced the black bean more wholeheartedly than most countries in the world.

If you're arriving from Malaysia, Brazil, Africa or even the USA, Infusion Coffee has a black bean ready to blend for you. Established in 1999, Infusion Coffee is a unique gourmet coffee shop located in Paragon Arcade in the Perth CBD between Hay and Murray Streets (see our map!).

Come and visit them when you’re in the city and you can choose your own coffee beans for your cup of coffee from their huge range of flavoured coffee beans from around the World, or make your own blend/combination, while enjoying the atmosphere.

Flash your Mountway Holiday Apartment key to Bagus the owner tell him where in the world you are from and let him blend a perfect bean for you. You'll receive a 10% discount on your coffee purchase by doing so.

Take home and enjoy your exclusive blend in the warmth of your apartment when you arrive back at Mountway.