Coffee and macarons @ Jean Pierre Sancho

Published on Tuesday 1st September 2015

For a taste of France close to home we highly recommend the Jean Pierre Sancho Boulangerie-Patasserie on 878 Hay Street Perth.

With humble beginnings in France, the first bakery was opened in Lodeve, South of France in 1904 by Albin Sancho. Eventually the bakery business was passed down through the family and was taken over by Jean-Pierre Sancho in 1967, who passed on his knowledge to three young Frenchmen in 2009.

These Frenchmen moved to Australia and they opened the first Jean-Pierre Sancho bakery outside of France on Hay Street in 2010.

Walking into the cafe you are greeted by the aroma of freshly ground coffee and fresh bread. On display is an array of sweet treats you would expect from a patisserie such as brioche, croissants, cakes and of course, their famous macarons, with their crispy shells and chewy almondy insides.

It is easy to think you are in France as you are served by their friendly staff who speak both French and english with ease.

Jean-Pierre Sancho is only an 8-minute walk from Mountway Holiday Apartments and is a great option for breakfast or lunch, or even a quick coffee and morning/afternoon tea if you are enroute to Perth CBD.

We highly recommend the pistachio macaroon but of course there are many other flavours such as salted caramel, raspberry and many more.

Have you been to Jean-Pierre Sanchos or other patisseries in Perth? We would like to know what you think? Let us know in the comments below.