Brunch in Perth

Published on Sunday 16th August 2015

This weekend here in Perth we have been blessed with beautiful warm weather, particularly on this Sunday which made it a perfect opportunity for Brunch. Brunch, for those unfamiliar with the term is a combination of Breakfast and Lunch, and is best enjoyed late-morning after a long sleep-in to recover from any misadventures over the weekend.

Tucked away amongst the business precinct in West Perth is a place called the Gordon Street Garage. Refashioned from an old auto electrics garage, the ‘garage’ contains its own vegetable garden and a charming decor of solid wood and steel furniture, recycled from the old garage.

The speciality of the garage is no longer cars but their Mano a Mano coffee which is roasted fresh on the premises using their Probat coffee roaster. The brunch menu boasts an impressive selection, from the usual comforting eggs and streaky bacon, fresh bircher muesli and gourmet pancakes topped with caramel, banana and hazelnuts.

For the quality of the brunch, Gordon Street Garage is a good place to go for a special occasion, catch up with old friends, or for when you want to treat yourself to a little bit extra. Being only a 10-minute walk from Mountway Holiday Apartments, it is a great location to visit for a lazy Sunday brunch, and followed by some shopping at the nearby Watertown (previously known as Harbourtown).

Do you know of any other great places to Brunch in Perth? If so please leave us a comment below? We would love to hear of any new places.