Barbeque facilities at Mountway

Published on Sunday 18th October 2015

Now that summer is almost here, you may have noticed those in Perth doing what we love the most, having a BBQ.

You may have seen families cooking up sausages at the BBQ facilities at the park or beach, or even seen the smoke rising from over the fences of people’s backyards. There is no doubt that having a BBQ with an ice cold beverage is one of our favourite past-times, and is best shared with family and friends.

While you are staying in Perth, you may be a little way from home. You may have noticed our BBQ area which is located at the rear of the building and carpark. Our BBQ area has been quite lonely over the colder months, but with the weather warming up, nothing beats enjoying some sausages outdoors.

Our BBQ area features ample seating, with four picnic-style tables available (each table can comfortably fit up to six people) and two generous hotplates. The BBQ area is also fully covered with a patio to protect from the sun, or any late Spring sprinkles of rain.

The best thing about staying at self-contained apartments such as Mountway Holiday Apartments, is that the kitchen has plenty of space to store and prepare food for your BBQ, such as salads and condiments, which can be purchased from Woolworths in the city (only a 13-minute walk from Mountway).

In addition, while you are having a BBQ, you may get a visitor from a very friendly cat. You may have noticed the cat hanging around Mountway in the carpark. They are very friendly so be sure to say hello!

If you happen to enjoy our BBQ area while staying at Mountway, please share your photos and experiences with us, either on our Facebook page, or in the comments section below.